Agenda – Full Council December 9 2014



Please reply to The Clerk, Wendy Grayburn, Old School, Back Road, Sandhurst, Kent TN18 5JS 01580-850295

All Members of the Council

 December 2nd 2014


You are hereby summoned to attend a Parish Council meeting of Sandhurst Parish Council, to be held in the Old School Hall, Sandhurst on Tuesday December 9th 2014 at 8pm for the purpose of transacting the following business.


Wendy Grayburn – Clerk




To accept apologies for absence


Declarations of interest on Items on the agenda


To approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 11th Nov 2014


4.1.To receive a report from TWBC Borough Councillor Nathan Gray.

4.2.To receive a report from Kent County Councillor Sean Holden.


Public adjournment: To suspend meeting for any public statements for up to 15 minutes in total. Members of public are encouraged to attend Council meetings and raise any pertinent issues at this point.

Village Broadband improvements – Mr John Evans

Council communication – Mr Chris Breckon


Matters arising from the minutes which are not covered elsewhere
   7 Finance:

7.1. To note accounts paid (for which spending approval has already been agreed).

7.2. Income and budget update

7.3. Emergency spending to be retrospectively approved

7.4. To approve additional salary payments due under the recently agreed 2014-2016 National Salary Awards.

7.5. Initial 2015-6 precept discussion




Advertising Policy

To agree a policy for casual advertising on Parish Council land.


Neighbourhood Plan:

9.1. To discuss the Consultants Report and agree a list of options for further consideration

9.2. To decide an appropriate good cause for the donation of the £50 prize draw money as requested by the winner.


To receive Committee Reports comprising brief updates and requests for items requiring full council approval:

10.1.     Playing Fields Committee.

10.2.     Old School Hall Committee.

10.3.     Planning Committee.



Confidential items:

11.1. To approve the appointment of a new RFO and agree the salary scale at point 25

11.2. To consider the creation and appointment of a website manager.

11.3. To approve grass cutting arrangements for 2015-2016.



Correspondence received by clerk prior to meeting


The date for the next full Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday December 16th at 8 pm (Precept Meeting