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Lisa Hale – Parish Clerk

Alan Crocker – Responsible Financial Officer

Terry Hannocks – Chairman

Rosie Broadbent – Vice Chairman


Contact Information:

e-mail: Clerk@sandhurstparish.co.uk

Telephone Number: 01580 850295

Emergency Contact: 07512642177


Office Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 13.00-15.00

Thursday: 9.30-11.30

Welcome to Sandhurst Parish Council

Sandhurst is at the eastern end of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and forms half of the Hawkurst and Sandhurst Ward. The Parish Council has nine members who meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Old School Hall in Back Road.



Sports Ground Playground:

The large climbing frame at the Sports Ground in Sandhurst is unsafe and should not be used.

The Parish Council are in the process of repairing the damaged supports and will inform the residents once it is safe to use.


Parish Office Opening Hours:

The Parish Office will be closed from the week commencing Monday 14th August 2017 and will not re-open until Tuesday 29th August 2017.

If you do have any urgent queries, please contact me on: 07512642177 or email: Clerk@sandhurstparish.co.uk

Lisa Hale
Sandhurst Parish Clerk




Sandhurst Sport Ground Toilets

The refurbishment of the Sports Pavilion has provided new toilets in the pavilion, including one designed for disabled access. These toilets are available for use with the hire of the Sports Ground for events such as cricket matches, football matches, sports training sessions, outdoor theatre etc.

There are also toilets in the old block, which were the only toilets available before the pavilion was refurbished. These public toilets are in a very poor state of repair and, as such, are unusable. They have been closed now for the last six months.  The Parish Council must make a decision to either close the toilet block permanently or spend a significant amount of money in the refurbishment necessary to bring the toilets to a state that they can be opened for public use again.  The cost of this work would be added to the 2018-19 precept. Additionally, the cost of regular cleaning would be included in future precepts.

Your thoughts on this matter are important to us.  Please let us know what would you like us to do? To do this either email the Clerk at clerk@sandhurstparish.co.uk, telephone the office on 01580-850295 to leave a message or write to the address below. 

A decision is expected to be included on the agenda of the full Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 12th September 2017.


Lisa Hale

Sandhurst Parish Clerk

The Old School Hall

Back Road



TN18 5JS

 Message From TWBC – Bin Collection:

Update 1 August – Collections due to today maybe running late due to problems with the collection vehicles.

We are sorry for the problems with the bin collections at the moment.

The teams are working to catch up and will be back tomorrow if they don’t make it today.

Please leave your bins out for collection tomorrow if they are not picked up today.

Before reporting that your bin has not been collected, please check that:

You’ve put the right bin out on the right day – check our collection days page if you’re unsure.

Your bin was at the boundary of your property by 7 am

Your bin isn’t overflowing or contains anything it shouldn’t – find out what goes into your bins

You are reporting a missed collection within 3 working days of your scheduled collection

It’s also worth looking to see if your neighbour’s bins have been emptied – the collection vehicle might be running late


To report a missed collection: https://forms.tunbridgewells.gov.uk/report-a-miss?utm_source=squiz&utm_campaign=abtest&utm_medium=eform